massago kitchener waterloo

Massago heads to KW

KW has always been one of our favourite places. In fact, our longest-running Sanctuary Day Spa is on University Ave in Waterloo. So we’re excited to let everyone know that Massago will be expanding into Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge this spring.

KW seems to enjoy the best of both worlds. It has all the amenities of a big city while managing to maintain a small town feel. That combination of history and technology, urban and rural, tradition and diversity is what makes it unique.

We can identify with offering the best of both. The Massago concept works because it combines the two things people want most from a business – the convenience of a technology-based service and  exceptional people who care about what they do. We never underestimate the importance of the human element. Building relationships with local RMTs is an important part of providing a community-based on-demand service.

One of the things we love about KW is its growing “think local” ideology. From its craft breweries to its farmers’ markets, there’s a growing interest in keeping people working locally, buying locally, and simply exploring what the community has to offer. The Massago app fits that philosophy really well.

Our massage therapists are essentially self-employed. Massago offers them a simple way to find more work near home, doing what they love, and remain part of the local economy. They choose when and how often they work, which makes it possible for them to pursue the lifestyle they want, with the right balance of work, family and community. It’s a real win/win.

It does take some time for us to build an RMT network in a new community. So if you’re in Kitchener, Waterloo or Cambridge and want to book a massage with us, please consider planning a few hours or even a day ahead during our start-up phase to ensure your booking is accepted.