massago therapists toronto

We couldn’t have done it without our therapists

When we took the leap of faith a year ago to launch Canada’s first mobile massage app, many of the GTA’s top massage therapists took the leap with us. And we’re so grateful they did.

With so many massage ventures out there, they needed to trust that we were “the real deal” – A company that respected their profession and wasn’t asking them to compromise their standards in any way.

Therapists took to Massago immediately, loving the flexibility of the on-demand format,  along with the higher pay rate. For some, it’s the perfect full-time business model. For others it’s a great way to pick up a couple of extra appointments a week to supplement their income.

All tell us they appreciate the measures we’ve put in place to ensure their safety, as well as our ongoing investment in our in-house support centre. We’ve also made a commitment to ensuring they have all the tools on hand to be in compliance with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.

Our next goal is to get our therapists consistently booked, with fewer peaks and valleys, which understandably can be difficult to plan around. And because we’ve also seen a definite bias towards clients requesting female massage therapists, we’ll be keeping up our campaign to get clients to choose “either gender” when booking so we can keep everyone busy going forward.

A big thank you to all our therapists. It’s been an exciting year, with lots more in store!