massago - rmt mobile massage

You gotta love our clients

I can genuinely say that Massago clients are some of the nicest and most patient people in the world.

We started this venture a year ago not knowing exactly how many therapists we would need to service the market. At times demand exceeded our ability to supply, and some of you had to wait longer than expected for an appointment.

I guess you figured it was worth the wait, because our data shows that 80% of new bookings are repeated within the next 3-months. That far exceeds anything we’ve seen at our brick and mortar spas.

The feedback we’ve had from our therapists is that you’ve opened your homes and made them feel comfortable and welcome – as you can imagine, a very different experience to working at a spa or clinic.  We love how quickly you’ve spread the word about Massago, and its amazing to see so many family members with the same last name download the app and book a request.

Learning who’s using the Massago app has been really interesting for us. Our client list to date is split almost 50/50 between men and women. And while it’s not surprising that app-driven 30-somethings top our list of clients, the 40-plus crowd have quickly become a key client group as well, followed by 20-somethings. Couples and back-to-back massage appointments count for about 30% of bookings.

To everyone who gave Massago a try in the past year, a big thank-you. We love what we do, and we hope you’ve come to love the service too.

Stay tuned for more exciting things to come in year two!