human touch in a technical world

The Power of Human Touch in a Technical World

How Massago creates harmony between this fundamental need and tech culture.

We’re living in an age saturated with extraordinary technology. The endless options offering convenience, efficiency and downright coolness are ever-evolving. Score the nearest parking spot. Pre-order your customized morning latte. Take just 500 more steps to reach your fitness goal. And our personal favourite, request an on-demand registered massage therapist to your doorstep!

Here at Massago we love our tech as much as the next person. All the ease and accessibility made available through our devices makes it possible to do more, faster, easier, and through a few simple clicks. As technology forges onward, thoughts of what the future brings are exciting, but it comes as no surprise that we are finding these virtual connections to be the cause of a major disconnect from people. Visits and phone calls have morphed into texts. Face-to-face meetings into online conferences. Classrooms into virtual learning environments. Everywhere we turn, human workers are being replaced by machines.

Can progress be the culprit for regress in human interaction?

Our adaptation to tech culture continues and we’d be foolish to resist it completely. For many, life without technology is inconceivable. Massago understand this, but we also recognize a person’s innate need for human touch. That feeling of trust and comfort achieved from connecting with another being. A fundamental component for our overall health and wellness that no machine could ever provide. This vital element of self-care can be fulfilled through therapeutic massage.

A treatment provided by a skilled, registered massage therapist offers touch in a safe, friendly and professional setting. Here are some of the most valuable physiological and psychological benefits you can hope to gain from your experience:

1. Massage is proven to soothe stress, ward off anxiety and reduce feelings of depression.
2. Massage has been found to boost the immune system and also promotes healing.
3. Massage increases circulation and aids with lymphatic drainage, flushing toxins from the body.
4. Massage improves sleep quality and provides an overall feeling of calm and relaxation.

Finding balance in all areas of our lives is the key to great health, and in the case of Massago, technology and the power of human touch are working together.  So, go ahead and book your on-demand massage, then step away from your smartphone and enjoy the human experience.

There’s no app for that.