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Feeling the End-of-Summer Blues?

Welcome your return to routine for a happy, healthy fall.

Ahhh summer. Long days and warm nights. Backyard barbecues and cool drinks. Bare feet and tan lines. As the Labour Day long weekend creeps up, we can’t help but feel a little down about leaving the carefree and relaxing days of summer behind us.

Parents are prepping the kids for back-to-school, students are promising to buckle down, others are saying good-bye to summer hours and hello to the weekly grind. As sad as we might be to see summer go, reacquainting ourselves with routine can help restore balance in our daily lives.

Focus on these four basics to help get your groove back in no time:


Returning to work after time off can be rough. Sometimes the amount of catch-up we play makes us wonder if the time off was all for naught. Setting realistic goals and knowing our limits are the only ways to be successful in our professional lives. It’s all about balance.


Feel like you’ve enjoyed too many of those lazy summer days? Get back into the gym, start running again, do that morning yoga. Do whatever you enjoy to stay active. Daily exercise helps us keep fit, increases energy, is proven to combat stress, and lifts our mood.


Food trucks, fairs and frosty drinks, oh my! Summer offers a bounty of awesome eats meant to enjoy, but now’s the time to scale back on the saucy ribs and mojitos. Fuel your body with whole, clean foods for optimal energy levels and a clear mind throughout the day.


Busier times ahead may easily result in over-scheduling and burnout. Prioritizing your self-care is key. Get enough quality sleep, read a good book, sit back and enjoy a cup of tea, treat yourself to an on-demand massage.

Summer is a favourite time for many to kick back, or even change course. Think of your return to routine as a time for renewal and progress, rather than a return to your humdrum everyday life. Mindfulness and practising healthy habits don’t always come naturally, but choosing to commit to wellness can be life-changing.