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The Gender Question: Why you should consider the option of treatment by a male RMT

It’s a fact. Massago sees a notable preference for female RMTs. Many clients resist booking their massages with male therapists due to feelings of self-consciousness, homophobia, mistrust and fear of the unknown.

Every therapist we work with is a certified professional who has successfully completed our tireless screening process. No exceptions. We know you’re in good hands with our male RMTs so we’d like to help you move passed any preconceived notions or misconceptions you may have, by debunking the most common myths about male therapists.

Myth #1: I’m more vulnerable to the possibility of inappropriate behaviour during treatment by a male RMT.

This is, by far, the most common concern we encounter. For some reason, clients (male and female alike) feel that a male therapist may have ulterior motives. They forget that like doctors, dentists or any other medical practitioner, RMTs are interested in one thing—providing safe and effective treatment for their patients. Period.

Myth #2: Male RMTs are too strong, so my treatment will be painful.

Yes, most male therapists are physically larger and stronger, but this does not mean they’re solely capable of deep tissue massage. All qualified RMTs keep your treatment goals in mind, whether you just want to relax or you need intense work done on problem areas. Therapists always ask if you’re comfortable and if the pressure they’re applying is appropriate, so don’t be afraid to speak up and communicate your preferences.

Myth #3: The greater demand for female RMTs must mean male therapists aren’t as good.

On the contrary! Our male RMTs are highly qualified and often broaden their skills through specialized training. They’re devoted to ensuring a positive patient experience and care very much about your overall well-being. They have invested in their education and take their roles as health practitioners very seriously. We find that those who overcome their skepticism and try a male RMT, often develop a preference for them!

Myth #4: I must be perfectly groomed for my massage with a male RMT.

Remember that your massage is meant to be therapeutic. This is your time and no RMT, male or female, is there to judge your appearance. Other than cleanliness, there are no prerequisites like freshly shaved legs or perfectly waxed pecs for your treatment. Therapists see beyond the physical exterior and hone in on the complex muscle, nerve and lymph systems beneath. Come as you are, no primping required!

Hopefully we’ve cleared things up for you about male RMTs. Consider giving one a try when you book your next on-demand massage. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!