mindful massage - enjoy the benefits

The Mindful Massage: Heighten Your Experience and Enjoy the Benefits

We may think of mindfulness as a popular wellness trend, but it’s actually a technique that’s been practiced for centuries. Mindfulness is the process of bringing your thoughts and attention to the present moment and centring your focus to get the most out of an experience.

Quieting the thought, chitchat and worries in our brains is a challenge, but finding a way to be in the moment and surrender to a massage experience will heighten the benefits and pleasure gained from the treatment.

Experts recommend calming your mind by focusing on your breath. Connect with your body and become aware of the therapist’s touch. Listen to the music and allow it to lull you into a state of relaxation.

A mindful massage can also help loosen up the muscles, and make us more aware of our sore spots. It can decrease any self-consciousness we may feel during our treatment, and deepen our level of relaxation.

Try practicing mindfulness during your next massage and feel the difference.