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Massago Expands Again: Book with us in Ajax, Pickering or Oshawa!

The southern area of Durham Region is made up of unique communities with that ‘rural meets urban’ vibe. It offers a mix of residential and commercial areas, speckled with natural beauty.

Commuter towns like Ajax, Pickering and Oshawa are home to hundreds of thousands of people; many who spend a significant amount of time travelling in and out of the city by car or train. For Massago, this translates into loads of people who need to relax.

Expanding our service to these cities makes perfect sense. After a long day, sandwiched between a significant commute, having a massage therapist show up at your door is a great reward. Massago eliminates the need for extra travel time to a spa or clinic. The relaxation you need, is delivered to you.

If you live in Ajax, Pickering or Oshawa, we look forward to connecting with you and are eager to meet the demands of those looking for convenient, professional massage.