rainy days have a bright side

Even Rainy Days Have a Bright Side

It looks like the summer we’ve been longing for has finally arrived! Enter warm temperatures and sunshine, out come smiling faces and high spirits.

Desperate to enjoy each summer day, we find ourselves obsessing over the weather. A smidge of rain in the forecast can send us into a fit, cursing our bad luck and this Canadian climate.

We get it. Excess rain does not a sensational summer make, but the odd rainy day might not be the worst thing. Here’s why:

Rainy days soothe the soul

The rhythmic sound of rain tapping against the windows is really relaxing. A wet and gloomy day is perfect for soaking in a bath, booking a spa day or enjoying a massage.

Rainy days ease the atmosphere

A heavy rainfall cools surfaces on a hot day, and refreshes lawns and gardens. It also reduces barometric pressure, which affects many people in the form of head and body aches.

Rainy days let us play catch-up

What better day than a rainy day to catch up on work or chores, with friends and family, or on your favourite series on Netflix. Maybe it’s the perfect day to catch up on doing nothing at all.

Next time the clouds roll in, look on the bright side and enjoy!