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Be Present to Enjoy the Gift of Fall

I love the fall! Crisp air, gorgeous fashion, comfort foods and toasty beverages. It’s a time for renewal by setting new goals, and a time to reignite after the lazy days of summer.

The official start of the season is still days away, but retailers have made us feel like autumn is already in full swing. The local coffee shops started serving their pumpkin-flavoured features weeks ago and Halloween candy has been in the stores for a month!

Do these premature transitions build excitement, or rob us of the splendour of changing seasons?

Working in wellness, I try to practice mindfulness each day. I see the value of being present, but with so many outside elements nudging me into the future, it’s a challenge to live in the moment.

When I think back to my last massage, I remember lecturing myself to forget about my to-do list and just relax for the 60 minutes. Even though I enjoyed my treatment, during the session I had to reign in my drifting thoughts and remind myself to relax.

It takes work but attempting to be present and trying again when we slip off track is worth the effort.

Here are some of the amazing changes we can expect when we live in the moment:

  • Less worry. More relaxation.
  • Enhanced performance at work and play.
  • Heightened creativity and playfulness.
  • Better relationships and social skills.
  • Increased feelings of appreciation and gratitude.

Here are three techniques to help get and keep us there:

  • Focus on deep belly inhalation and exhalation for a moment or two.
  • Do one thing at a time. That’s it. Just one.
  • Utilize your senses. Really taste, smell, feel, see, listen.

Now let’s all slow down and enjoy the last bits of summer. The real fall will be here on cue.