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Give Us 60 Minutes

How much can you accomplish in an hour? Let’s see, you can trudge through that overflowing inbox, attend that meeting you’ve been re-scheduling for weeks, or simply survive the commute home. In our busy lives, an hour seems to tick by at warp speed!

This is where your Massago experience is different. An hour massage can truly transform and restore your state of being.

Given 60 minutes, here’s what your Massago therapist can do for you:

  • A full body massage treatment – that means head to toe relaxation
  • A 60-minute massage is the equivalent of 7-8 hours of sleep to our bodies
  • We can release a week’s worth of stress in just one hour
  • 60 glorious minutes devoted to you and you alone

The next time you think, “I only have an hour”, book with us and get things done!