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Embarrassing Moments in Massage

The truth you need to know about your worst massage blunders realized

Let’s begin by stating that massage therapists are not here to judge. They are trained professionals and it’s their job is to make us feel comfortable and relaxed. Unfortunately, there are occasional (dreaded) moments that run the risk of turning our perfect massage into a humiliating experience. Incidences beyond our control that can leave us feeling utterly exposed and embarrassed.

Here’s what you need to know about the most common ‘what-ifs’ that can occur during a massage, and how to survive the potential embarrassment of each one:

What if I fall asleep, snore or drool?

Falling asleep during your massage is a huge compliment to your therapist. They’ve managed to relax you into that state, so bravo RMT! In fact, the snoring and drooling are like a trophy. If you realize you’ve fallen asleep, don’t feel uncomfortable or the immediate need to apologize. Just enjoy the lull.

What if I feel ticklish?

If you’re someone who gets ticklish, massage can evoke that sensation even before your therapist lays a hand on you. This is a common issue and your therapist is trained to adapt to your sensitivity. They can modify their pressure, change the massage pace or, avoid the ticklish areas altogether. Talk to your therapist beforehand and they’ll know what to do.

What if I pass gas?

Massage therapy supports our digestive process so hearing some tummy grumbles and experiencing flatulence are possibilities. It’s all perfectly natural and nothing to be ashamed. If you’re concerned, avoid foods you know will trigger action in your belly, and make sure you visit the washroom prior to your massage.

What if I don’t have time to groom?

You really need a massage and your Massago therapist is on his way. Unfortunately, you’re not due for a wax until next week so that means hairy legs for this treatment! Not to worry. Your RMT will not be put off by a little stubble, we promise. After all, they massage men with hairy legs every day!

Remember that Massago therapists are highly trained professionals. The human body and all it’s amazing abilities and quirks are an RMT’s specialty. Let them be the experts and try not to take yourself too seriously. Doing so can get in the way of enjoying an incredible massage.