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How to Spring Clean your Lifestyle

Easter weekend is approaching and so is the feeling of spring. With warmer temperatures and sunny skies to enjoy, we can’t resist the urge to do a little spring cleaning to freshen things up!

We all have our list of tasks to chase away the winter blahs, but the most rewarding spring cleanse we can do is the one we perform on our own lifestyles. Spring is the perfect time to revamp our mental, physical and emotional wellness.

Here are 4 simple tips to renew your lifestyle this spring:

  1. Detox your digital world. Delete, unsubscribe from and unfollow those connections that are no longer working for you.
  2. Makeover your health goals. Change up your workouts, get outdoors, tweak your food choices and get some quality sleep.
  3. Purge and donate. Free yourself from all the “stuff” weighing you down and do some good by giving to a local charity.
  4. Prioritize self care. Renew your vow to take care of yourself by carving out some quality “me time”. Try soaking in a bath, meditating or having a massage.

Please note that there is a small price increase during the long weekend.  You will be notified in the app of the price before you book.

Happy Easter and happy spring everyone!