workout partner

Can massage be your best workout partner ever?

For fitness enthusiasts everywhere, spring is training time. Whether your goal is to run a marathon or to sculpt your body for beach season, you know your grit and sweat can get you there. Training schedules and workouts have intensified – you’re on your way – but your body’s sure to be feeling the pressure.

With greater workouts come greater results, but sometimes so do longer recovery times, avoidable injuries and burnout. Setbacks like these can derail your training schedule and get in the way of you achieving your personal best.

Why massage and fitness go hand in hand?

Stop thinking of massage as a treat or indulgence. Start thinking of massage as a tool and a necessity. Whether you’re training for a big race, participating in an extreme sport, or doing some heavy lifting at the gym, a massage can help take your workouts and fitness achievements to the next level.

  • Massage eases the built-up tension in our muscles from working out
  • It helps to repair the minor scar tissue that develops from straining our muscles
  • Massage shortens recovery time by increasing blood flow to the muscles
  • Relaxation improves our performance and helps us adapt to changing workouts
  • Less muscle soreness means no compensative movements and fewer injuries

What type of massage is suitable?

  • Deep tissue massage is great for trouble spots, knots and pain that may be impacting your performance. Firm pressure treats the deeper muscular layers and surrounding connective tissue, releasing tension and relieving pain.
  • Sports massage combines deep tissue technique with much-needed stretching to realign the muscles, increase mobility and improve flexibility. These treatments recondition the body, shorten muscle recovery time and help prevent injury.
  • Swedish massage is a gentle technique incorporating long, fluid strokes.  In addition to improving circulation and releasing toxins, this massage style encourages a positive mindset by providing total body relaxation.

A combination of all three types of massage can be beneficial depending on where you are in your fitness plan and how you’re feeling on a given day. Discuss your training schedule and goals with your massage therapist and they can assist you with choosing the right type of massage and the best times to schedule your treatments.

Making registered massage part of your training routine will help you reach your goals faster, easier and safer!