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Celebrating the Men in Our Lives this Father’s Day

Our dads and father-figures are sometimes given less credit than deserved. Moms often take centre stage as the leading caregivers and proverbial glue that holds a given family together. As family dynamics and parental roles continuously evolve, so do the roles of our dads.

Today most dads are completely hands-on. From changing diapers to helping with homework, they’ve got this! Fathers are shaping their children’s futures by teaching them about relationships, communication, responsibilities and values. They want their kids to be open and honest, establishing a father-child closeness that wasn’t always common.

Strong paternal bonds are shown to turn happy, well-loved children into successful, well-adjusted adults. We may not realize it, but from birth, the connections we have with our dads and father-figures strongly influence the type of people we’ll become and the quality of our future relationships. That’s something to celebrate.

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