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How Massago is one-upping ‘massage near me’ searches

Finding what we need, when and where we need it, has become easier than ever. As savvy, time-challenged consumers, popular ‘near me’ searches make it possible to zero in on what’s available close by, saving us time and effort.

From pizza to pedicures, localized searches have changed the way we shop for products and services. Now an online quest for RMT massage has not only been simplified, but Massago has taken ‘massage near me’ searches to a whole new level by delivering a registered therapist to your front door!

Our user-friendly massage app eliminates the need for phone calls to the spa or clinic, making advanced bookings to ensure you get your preferred appointment time, and inconvenient travel to get to your therapist. Whether you’re in the city or the ‘burbs, RMT availability is just a few clicks away.

Your search ends with Massago, when the massage comes to you!