year end massage benefits

RMT Massage Benefits: 5 Reasons why you should view them as a priority and not a perk

2019 is winding down! Have you made the time to utilize your RMT massage coverage for the year? We know life gets busy and the days slip away, but Massago’s mobile massage service makes it easy to put your wellness first.

Here are some great reasons to book a massage today:

  • Massage lowers stress levels and soothes anxiety helping you cope with the intense demands of work and life
  • Regular treatments reduce body aches and strains, be they from sitting at a desk all day or doing physical work
  • Massage improves sleep quality allowing you to be well rested and recharged for the next day
  • Healthier employees who prioritize their well-being take fewer sick days and experience increased productivity
  • Acknowledging that you are your employer’s greatest asset boosts morale and creates a more positive work environment

It’s a busy time of year for us at Massago so remember to book your treatments ahead of time and relax, we’ll come to you.