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Why RMTs Need Massages Too

Recently we received a glowing review from a customer, who also happens to be an RMT.

Receiving a pat on the back from someone in your industry is always a huge compliment, so we thank all the RMTs who put their own care, literally, in the hands of Massago therapists. It means a lot!

This review also got us thinking: Why don’t more therapists schedule time for their own massages? Perhaps they’re short on time or simply too exhausted to seek out their own therapy after a long day of treating others.

RMTs are constantly encouraging clients to have regular massage because of the many benefits they stand to gain. It’s time for them to start taking their own good advice and here are a few reasons why:

The Power of Self-Care

Being a massage therapist is both physically and emotionally demanding work. RMTs must protect and care for their bodies and overall wellbeing in order to treat others effectively. Massage therapists, like any type of caregiver, are better equipped to care for others when their own needs are being met.

Opportunity for Continuous Learning

Receiving a therapeutic massage from another expert can be like refresher training. During treatment, an RMT receiving a massage can revisit various practices, possibly learn some new technique and be inspired to enhance their own massage style.

Experience Speaks Volumes

Knowing how certain massage styles and techniques feel on your own body will allow you to perform treatments with added confidence. Also, your clients will appreciate knowing that you practice what you preach when if comes to getting regular massages.

Massago offers flexibility and convenience, making it easy for even the busiest RMTs to schedule their own massage treatments.