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Two new programs reward our regular clients

When we launched Massago nearly four years ago, on-demand massage was a new concept in Canada. Back then, it was all about getting people on board – not just with our mobile app, but with the idea itself. The education and acquisition of clients and therapists, along with expansion into new markets, took most of our attention.

Today we’re in 19 Canadian cities. And for our clients, having an RMT delivered to their home is no different than ordering a meal or a taxi. It’s just part of a busy, healthy lifestyle. We’re hugely gratified by that.

Now in our second phase of growth – as we shift our focus from start-up to sustainability – we’re all about finding the right balance between new client acquisition and keeping our loyal client base happy. With the second of those in mind, we’re introducing two exciting new reward programs for frequent users in 2020.

With most Massago bookings coming from repeat clients, introducing a membership program was a natural next step. Clients who sign up can save $180 a year or more when they get a monthly massage. With no fee to join and the option to cancel anytime after the first two months, we think membership will be a popular option.

Our second new offering is our pre-pay program. Clients who pre-pay for multiple massages can get a bonus of up to $225 to spend on additional treatments. The more they pre-pay, the larger the bonus.

You can learn more about both of our new programs on our website.