dragons den - massago

Our adventures in the Den

Did you catch us on CBC’s Dragons’ Den last week? What a great experience it’s been! If you missed it, you can watch our pitch online.


We didn’t receive an offer (which was a blow to my ego). But the national exposure Massago received from our appearance on the show has been awesome.

I want to thank everyone for the amazing outpouring – the reach-outs, shout-outs, love and support. My phone hasn’t seen this much action in a while, and the warm battery is proof.

Despite upgrading our hosting service in anticipation of more traffic to our website, it still crashed for a few minutes because of the volume. Our customer care team has been working on all cylinders to respond in real-time to all the new booking requests (thanks for your patience).

It’s also encouraging to hear from people across the country nudging us to open in cities where we have yet to do so. Stay tuned. We’re coming!

I had to step way outside my comfort zone to appear on TV. So it was great to have Melissa by my side as co-presenter. We were asked to pitch at the end of summer at the height of the first wave of COVID, which meant forming our own social bubble to pull it off. But we couldn’t pass on such a great opportunity.

We were pleasantly surprised when Michele Romanow, one of the most popular Dragons, told us that she is already a Massago client! We also discovered that a few producers of the show are regular users.

Our 60-minute conversation in the Den ended up as a 7-minute segment. Needless to say, a lot of content was taken out. But I think we came across alright in the edit.

In hindsight, I should have challenged Michelle when she suggested that the cost of acquiring a therapist should be included in our Client Acquisition Cost (CAC) when calculating our payback period. I don’t agree.

So we may have ultimately failed to impress the Dragons. But we know that there are other investors out there who would love to be part of Canada’s fastest-growing on-demand service! If you think you might be one of them, let us know. We’ll do our pitch!

Thanks for watching.  Stay healthy and stay safe!

Allan Skok
Co-founder and CEO