covid fitness

Back to Your Pre-Covid Fitness Levels

For many, exercise routines have changed significantly during COVID-19 lockdowns. Fitness facilities across the country are reopening and people are attempting to get back to their pre-Covid fitness levels.

While some people managed to stay active during lockdowns by digging deep and being creative, there has been a drop in activity levels according to Fitbit data.  Individuals who were able to workout from home may not have had the same access to equipment or a variety of weights typically found in gyms.   This may have resulted in shorter, less consistent, lower intensity workouts.

Here are some tips to consider for a successful return to the gym.

Ease into it

It’s human nature for us to want to pickup where we left off, but the risk of injury and burnout can occur if you don’t take it easy.  Consider 48 hours rest and recovery between workouts.

Drop the Weight

Going too heavy too quickly without being prepared can result in injury.  Play the long game instead of sitting on the sidelines because of an injury.

Have Fun

Forming a new routine takes a lot of effort and you’ll look for every excuse in the book to stop making time for exercise if you’re not enjoying it.

Make a Commitment

Make a 3-week commitment to yourself before giving up.  It will take time for you to get back into the swing of things. Set your sights on a 3-week goal post.

RMT Massage Can Reduce Pain

A sport or deep tissue massage performed by a Registered Massage Therapist can reduce pain and recovery time, increase circulation, and improve your flexibility.