Massago’s Vaccination Policy

We are pleased to announce that all Massago RMTs will be double vaccinated with an approved COVID-19 vaccine by September 13th. Of course, our other safety protocols, including mask wearing, will also continue until further notice.

While RMTs in Canada are not currently required by their professional regulatory bodies to be vaccinated, Massago is proud to take this step and be one of the first massage companies in North America to mandate vaccination.

We do appreciate your patience during the next few months, as this policy may impact our availability of massage therapists.

As a small business, the past 18 months have been an incredibly difficult time for us, and this latest decision is an additional hurdle for us to overcome. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, I am proud of what we have achieved and that we are still here to serve you.

Allan Skok


UPDATE Sept 2022. — We no longer require RMTs to share their vaccination status with us. We expect that some clients will wish to remain masked, some will want their RMT to be masked, and some RMTs may request that a client wear a mask. Clients and RMTs are encouraged to communicate masking preferences ahead of an appointment to prepare accordingly.