massage. yes please.

Mobile massage on demand? Yes, please!

Imagine a pair of hands gliding over your muscles, finding all of those stubborn tense spots. You close your eyes and relax your body and mind, being mindful of the rhythmic sensation of the hands on your skin, your breath filling and leaving your lungs, the feeling of calm washing over you.

After an hour of bliss, you hop off the massage table – and are already in your own home, where you can continue to reap the relaxing benefits of the massage.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

As a result of the pandemic, many personal services – like in-home massage services – were halted for health and safety concerns. But now, Canadians are returning to their usual self-care routines after a nearly two-year hiatus.

In today’s busy world, taking the time to book an appointment and travel to a spa or massage therapy clinic is another item on the to-do list.

Massage app brings the massage to you

Enter Massago, Canada’s original and most popular app for on-demand massage therapy, which connects registered massage therapists (RMTs) with clients who want the convenience of a professional massage in their home.

You can book, track and pay for your massage through the app, choosing from four popular mobile massage types: Swedish massage for general relaxation and wellness; deep tissue massage for persistent aches and pains; prenatal massage for moms-to-be; and sport massage.

Benefits of massage therapy stand the test of time

Early records have shown massage was used as a healing method in ancient civilizations, and with good reason! In addition to the physical health benefits, regular massage therapy has been shown to provide mental and emotional health benefits like reduced stress, anxiety and depression, and to promote better sleep. It can also ease the feeling of disconnection many of us have experienced through the pandemic.

There’s also something to be said for the sense of calmness created during a massage. Massage therapy can help you reach a heightened state of awareness and clarity, allowing you to unwind and let go of your worries, to-do lists and daily stressors.

Massago only works with qualified RMTs. Massage therapy services are currently available in Toronto, Richmond Hill, Markham, Brampton, Mississauga, Ottawa, Vaughan, Aurora, Kitchen-Waterloo, Cambridge, Nepean, Gloucester, Calgary, Edmonton, Barrie, King City and Pickering.

In bringing the massage to you, Massago is changing how Canadians are experiencing therapeutic massage. Download Massago today to find an RMT near you, right at your fingertips!