massage for golfers

4 Key Benefits of Massage Therapy for Golfers

Golf has seen a recent surge in popularity, with many hitting the course for the first time and seasoned professionals returning in droves. With the closure of gyms and temporary pause on team sports due to the pandemic, golf offered one of the few places where people could enjoy the company of others – while soaking up the sun, to boot!

According to Golf Digest, it was also aided by factors like continued flexibility in work schedules and a renewed appreciation for the physical and mental escape that golf provides for people of all ages.

Though far from a high-contact sport, golf can be physically demanding. Golfers can sustain a number of injuries due to the repetitive nature of the swing, the way the body tightens for each swing and the way in which the body twists. That unnatural movement can lead to injuries like muscular pain, low-back pain and golfer’s elbow.

As we enter a new golf season, take the time to prepare your body for an injury-free summer. From injury prevention to healing, massage therapy offers a range of therapeutic benefits to golfers, both before and after a game.

We’ve compiled four ways massage therapy can help golfers stay safe:

Increased flexibility

It’s not uncommon for golfers to experience tightness in various parts of the body. Massage therapy can help loosen and stretch stiff joints and muscles everywhere from the back to the shoulders to the hamstrings, restoring flexibility and range of motion. This can help golfers with their form, increasing performance and power on the course.

Increased circulation

Massage helps with circulation, improving blood flow around the body and ensuring muscles recover faster by getting oxygenated blood to them more quickly. It also prevents the build-up of toxins and inflammation, which can cause muscle pain and stiffness if left untreated.

Reduced pain and injury prevention

Painful sprains and spasms are an outcome of poor posture and the repetitive movement in a golf swing. Regular deep tissue or sports massage can help lengthen and relax the contracted muscle(s), decreasing pain and lowering the risk of future injuries.

Mental health benefits

Hit the course feeling relaxed and focused! In addition to the physical benefits of massage therapy, it’s known to decrease anxiety and stress.

Whether you’re an avid golfer or new to the sport, massage can help improve your game and performance. While time will tell if golf’s newfound popularity will continue after the pandemic, massage can help anyone playing the game avoid injury and pain. Tee up, friends!


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