Georgy RMT

RMT Profile: Georgy

We’re excited to introduce a new series highlighting the people who make Massago so special. We recently chatted with popular RMT Georgy who also became a realtor during the pandemic to help supplement his income, to learn more about his career journey and love of massage therapy.

Georgy RMT with massage bedWhy he entered the industry: “My mom owned a clinic for a long time, and I saw how she helped people. I was always very active and saw how that went hand-in-hand with massage therapy and working with my hands, so I decided to pursue my licence.”

A typical day as a Massago RMT … “is different every day. It’s nice because it’s so flexible and I can schedule my day as I please. It’s all about balance.”

Why real estate? “I’m always looking to improve myself and learn something new, and real estate was a great option for me. I’m a social person and know how to communicate with people.”

Any parallels between the two industries? “In both, your reputation is very important. You’re asking people to trust you and provide a service for them. With massage, it’s more physical and intimate; with real estate, it’s about due diligence and documentation. In either case, you’re creating a relationship with your client.”

He’s grateful for Massago because… “straight out of [massage] school, I was able to get on board with them and it was a game-changer! I was able to hit the ground running with a steady income, right off the bat, and the transactions are so safe and transparent.”

What inspires him: “My family. I have a baby on the way!”


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