massage prep

What to do before and after a massage appointment

Want to know how you can prepare for a massage?

If you’ve never experienced a massage before, you may be unsure of what to do before and after your treatment. Or, even if you have, a refresher never hurts!

We’ve compiled some tips to help you make the most out of your massage.

5 things to do to prepare for your massage

  1. Stay hydrated and eat lightly. It’s important to drink lots of water before a massage treatment. Avoid coffee, alcohol or other stimulating drinks (like tea with caffeine in it). You’ll also want to avoid eating a huge meal right before—a light snack like a piece of fruit is perfect.
  2. Hop in a warm (not hot!) shower to relax your muscles before your appointment. Plus, good hygiene is always courteous to your RMT.
  3. Wear loose, comfortable clothes—trust us, you’ll appreciate slipping back into comfy clothes.
  4. Be prepared. When your Massago RMT arrives at your door, you should be ready to start your appointment (though they will need a few minutes to set up). Our reminder emails detail everything you need to know prior to your appointment, but you can also check out our FAQs for even more helpful information.
  5. Tell the RMT your preferences! If there’s a specific spot on your body you want them to focus on, let them know (ditto if there is a spot to avoid). Communication is key before, during and after your treatment.

5 things to do following your appointment

  1. Don’t rush standing up. You may feel a little lightheaded after a massage, so take your time getting off the table.
  2. Continue to drink lots of water after your treatment to rehydrate and remove metabolic waste that accumulated during the massage.
  3. Avoid heavy exercise immediately following your appointment so you don’t stress or shock the muscles. Light stretching, walking or yoga are fine! Learn how massage therapy and yoga can work together in our recent blog post.
  4. Listen to your body. If you’re sore after your massage, rest up for a day or two until your muscles have recovered.
  5. Book your next massage(s)! Regular treatments (spaced a few weeks apart) offer the most benefits.

A massage only takes up a small slice of your day, so make it count by preparing for your appointment.

In bringing the massage to you, Massago is changing how Canadians are experiencing therapeutic massage. Download Massago today to find an RMT near you, right at your fingertips.