4 myths debunked

4 massage therapy myths debunked

As your resident experts in all things massage, we’re here to debunk some common massage therapy myths.

MYTH: A massage needs to be painful to be effective.

If you’ve been avoiding massages because you think they’ll be too painful, you may want to reconsider! While there can be some pain or discomfort experienced if a spot is particularly tender or tense, they do not need to be painful to be effective. Any pain or discomfort is typically short-lived, after which you’ll feel sweet, sweet relief in the form of decreased pain and improved range of motion.

Similarly, some people mistakenly believe if they experience no soreness the day after a massage, it wasn’t effective. Here are the facts: It’s completely normal to feel no pain following a massage session. There are so many factors that can play into it, including the type of massage, level of pressure used and your own health.

As always, make sure to communicate with your RMT about your pressure preferences. If there’s a specific spot on your body you want them to focus on or avoid, or if a certain move is uncomfortable, let them know. Communication is key!

MYTH: Massage therapy only works on the muscles.

While most massage therapy focuses on manipulating the muscles, it also stretches tight areas of the fascia (the tissue that connects the muscles, bones and organs). It also provides a slew of other physical and mental health benefits that include:

  • reduced depression, anxiety and stress
  • reduced inflammation, thanks to improved lymph flow
  • increased circulation and lower blood pressure
  • increased range of motion in joints
  • improved sleep and insomnia relief

And the list goes on!

MYTH: All massages are the same, no matter where you go.

Someone who has never had a massage might think they’re all the same. But there are many types of massage therapy, all of which have a specific purpose: to promote healing in the body. In fact, there are hundreds of massage modalities practiced around the world!

At Massago, for example, we offer:

Swedish: With its combination of long, sweeping strokes and gentle kneading, this classic massage type is the ideal choice for total body relaxation. At the same time, it can improve circulation, increase oxygen in the blood and release muscle toxins. Learn more about Swedish massage.

Deep tissue: When muscle aches and pains persist, it may be time to target the problem with deep tissue massage. An RMT will use slow, deliberate pressure to reach the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue at the root of your discomfort. Learn more about deep tissue massage.

Sport: A targeted deep tissue massage prepares the body and mind for optimal performance, improving your flexibility and endurance and preventing soreness and injury. Learn more about sport massage.

Pre-natal: A relaxing massage for moms-to-be can help take the strain off tired muscles and weight-bearing joints. It’s also a great solution to improve circulation and lymph flow and reduce swelling in the limbs. Therapy is adapted to each need and stage of a pregnancy. Learn more about pregnancy and massage.

MYTH: Your RMT will judge you if you’re [fill in the blank].

Your RMT is not there to judge! They are trained professionals who want nothing more than for us to feel comfortable and relaxed during our treatments. Check out our blog post from 2019 on the most common ‘what-ifs’ that can occur during a massage.

Stay tuned for future blog posts where we debunk even more massage therapy myths!

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