Massago - meet the RMT Tony

Meet the RMT: Tony

Welcome to the newest installment of our series highlighting the people who make Massago so special. We recently chatted with RMT Tony, who ventured into the massage therapy industry as a second career.

Why he entered the massage industry: “Back in 2008, the company I was working for went bankrupt during the recession. I started searching and thinking I wanted to change something in my life. A friend in acupuncture told me to consider massage therapy. After researching the workforce and the demand for the job, I thought, ‘Let me try it.’”

His early roots with Massago: “I started with Massago in 2016. I was working for [sister company] Sanctuary Day Spa during the week, when they approached me and said, ‘We’re working on an app so you can pick up the appointments and go directly to a client’s house.’ I can’t describe how amazing I thought the idea was! Since then, I’ve been with Massago.”

What he loves about Massago: “What’s good for me is the flexibility. There’s no forcing you to take an appointment—I can set my schedule and work within my free time. I also love working at corporate events and trade shows [with the Massago team].”

The power of touch: “Touch is really amazing to humans. Massage is sharing that touch and helping to relieve people of their stress and pain.”

What keeps him motivated: “Client satisfaction is our biggest accomplishment. I love seeing clients enjoy the service as we solve a problem like back pain. They get off the table and say, ‘Tony, you’re amazing!’”

A different kind of body shop: “Think of our bodies like cars, where we need an oil change every 5K or in a set period of time. Regular massage can be like maintenance for our bodies. If we don’t have pain or an injury or discomfort, you can get relaxation or stress relief from a massage.”

How he unwinds after a long day: “My main hobby is music—singing, DJing and listening to people sing karaoke. I also play instruments like the guitar and keyboard.”

Benefits of an RMT career: “There are a lot of benefits of this career—and it’s a career, not just a job. If anyone is unemployed or going to school, I always suggest they take a massage program to become a registered massage therapist. You can have your own clinic, your own spa or work for either of them.”

Massago works exclusively with therapists who are registered and in good standing with their province’s college of massage therapists or with governing massage associations. Learn more about our massage therapy services or book an appointment.