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Meditation + massage 101

Meditation is certainly not a new concept, with different forms of it practiced around the world. We love Healthline’s basic definition: a technique used for thousands of years to develop awareness of the present moment.

Its restorative benefits to the mind, body and soul are also well-known. There are connections between meditation and its ability to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety and pain. Other benefits include restored balance, better sleep, improved concentration and focus—and of course, relaxation.

The benefits extend to the long-term, too. A study from UCLA found that long-term meditators had better-preserved brains than non-meditators as they aged.

Types of meditation

There are many types of guided and non-guided meditation, each with their own benefits—so many, in fact, that it would be nearly impossible to list them all!

There is also no ‘correct’ type of meditation. It’s a matter of trial and error to find a technique that works for you and allows you to reach inner harmony and peace. Test out different approaches until you find one (or several!) that resonates with you.

Some of the most common types include:

Mindfulness meditation. One of the most widely practiced forms of meditation, mindfulness meditation means you pay attention to the present moment—specifically, to your thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations, paying them no judgment or attention. With practice, you’ll eventually develop greater self-awareness and reduce stress.

Movement meditation. No, we don’t just mean yoga! Movement meditation combines gentle movement like walking, tai chi and gardening with focused attention and breath awareness. It can help guide you into a deeper connection with your body and mind, which is especially beneficial for those who want to improve their body awareness.

Visualization meditation. Visualization meditation involves the use of guided imagery (usually a specific scene, image, figure or goal) to create a sensory experience in your mind. Many people find it a helpful tool to reduce anxiety, improve their mood and help them manifest positive outcomes. This type of meditation is often guided by audio or an expert, who directs you through a series of visualization exercises.

Not sure where to start your meditation journey? There are plenty of apps available that offer guided meditations and exercises, like Calm, Headspace and Simple Habit.

How massage and meditation can work together

Both meditation and massage can work together as part of your overall wellness routine, amplifying their respective benefits and helping you connect with yourself in a deeper, more fulfilling way.

Engaging in meditation before a massage treatment can set the stage for a calm, focused state of mind. Practicing during the massage has similar benefits, as it allows you to live in the moment and deepen your physical and mental relaxation.

If you’re new to meditation, it can be as simple as directing your attention to the sensations you’re feeling, the rhythm of your breathing and the massage therapist’s touch on your skin. This will help intensify the relaxing qualities of the massage.

Whether you’re a beginner or well-versed in meditation, you’ll likely experience a number of benefits, especially when pairing it with massage. Next time you book a massage, why not give it a try and see for yourself?

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