Gift Vouchers

It’s the perfect gift

The gift of massage is always appreciated. It’s the perfect gift for a birthday, an anniversary, a special thank-you… or just because. 

To purchase a gift certificate, you must be registered with the Massago app. Likewise, the gift recipient will need to register with Massago to redeem it.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to the Gift voucher section in the app.
  2. Enter the name and phone number of the person you’re buying for.
  3. Enter a dollar amount.
  4. Your friend will receive a text message letting them know that they’ve received a gift from you. (You just made their day.)
  5. If your friend already has the app installed, the value will automatically be applied to their app wallet.
  6. If they download the app after the fact, their gift will be automatically applied and waiting to be used.