Workplace Wellness Delivered

Celebrate, motivate, rejuvenate.

How it works

On-site massage therapy is a great way to promote well-being, recognize achievement, and encourage performance in the workplace. Employers, staff and clients can all benefit from this simple, yet effective perk.

icon - build morale


A positive, caring work environment results in happy, committed employees.

icon - increase productivity


Taking a break helps employees feel refreshed and stay focused while they work.

icon - reduce stress


Soothing massage helps to ward off stress, making for a more pleasant worklife.

On-site Office Massage

Providing Flexible & Convenient Service

icon - chair massage

Choose from seated massage or table.

icon - fully clothed

Participants can remain fully clothed

icon - setup and tear down

We do all the setup and tear down.

icon - concierge details

Our concierge take care of all the details.

Some companies we’ve worked with …

Payment Options

Company Pays

Invest in your employees by providing them with the gift of massage.

Company Subsidizes

A great cost-sharing wellness initiative for companies that want to share the cost with their employees.

Employees Pay

Finding time for a massage can be challenging.  In some cases, employees may be willing to pay for their massages at the office to better manage their schedule while taking advantage of the therapeutic benefits.

Whether you’re planning a one-time event or introducing a massage program to your company, we’re happy to customize a package that suits your needs. We also work with sports teams and various care facilities!