Massago is Canada’s original and most popular mobile app for on-demand massage therapy – delivering a professional massage therapist to your home or office the same day, and often in as little as an hour. Your appointments, preferences and payments are all processed through the app.

To begin using the app you need to set up an account, including credit card information, and provide us with some basic personal information to verify your identity. Once registered:

  • You will request a massage through the app, choosing the type of massage, appointment time and duration.
    We put the word out to available Massago therapists in your area. When a therapist confirms their availability, the appointment is set.
  • The therapist arrives at your home, office or hotel a few minutes before the appointment time with a portable massage table; you supply the sheets and towels. You then enjoy a relaxing, therapeutic massage.
  • When your massage is done, Massago automatically charges your credit card for the service, pays your therapist and emails you a receipt
  • Your therapist sends you a separate receipt containing their registration number, which you can submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement.

You can book an appointment for any time between 8 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week

We work exclusively with therapists who are registered and in good standing with their province’s college of massage therapists, or in the case of non-regulated provinces, with the governing massage associations. We also follow a vigorous vetting process for therapists that includes a police background check and confirmation of professional credentials, multiple in-person interviews and a practical exam.

We want to make sure that both our clients and therapists are safe at all times. We ask all clients to verify their identity before we send our therapists to their home, office or hotel. It’s a simple one-time step, taking only a few minutes, and your information is completely secure, protected by the same 256-bit encryption technology many banks use for online transactions.

Massago offers four types of massage: Swedish Massage for general relaxation and wellness; Deep Tissue Massage for persistent aches and pains; Prenatal Massage for the mom-to-be; and Sport Massage for both athletes and weekend warriors.

Massago is expanding Canada wide. If we are not currently operating in your city we encourage you to send us an email so that we can gauge the interest in new markets.

When your appointment has been confirmed you have 10 minutes to cancel without penalty. If you need to cancel a confirmed appointment that is starting in less than 12 hours, a $50.00 cancellation fee applies. If you are cancelling an appointment that is starting in less than four hours, we will charge you the full cost of the massage. We do this because our therapists lose income if they keep an appointment time open for you!

All transactions on Massago are automated. To schedule your Massago massage you need to have a valid credit card associated with your account. Your card will be charged only when your massage has been completed.

After your massage is completed, your therapist will issue a receipt that includes their provincial registration number, which you can submit to your insurance provider. We partner exclusively with massage therapists (known as RMTs in Ontario).

Massage therapy is a regulated health profession in Ontario, British Columbia, Newfoundland and New Brunswick. In Alberta, massage therapy is governed by professional associations, each with its own requirements for membership. In all regions where Massago operates, your therapist is required to complete a health history form before your treatment begins. Your health history provides your therapist with necessary information to treat you safely. You only need to complete the form once a year, even if you subsequently see other Massago therapists.

Yes. If you’ve found a Massago therapist you like, you can request them again. If the therapist you requested is unavailable, we can send another qualified therapist to perform your treatment.

Tipping is optional, but encouraged. At the end of your service, the app will ask you if you want to add a tip. You can choose from the available options or enter any other amount.

In particularly busy urban areas like downtown Toronto, where longer commute times and parking hassles can make it more difficult for our therapists to get to you, we charge a higher price to make it worth their while.

When demand for service is highest and supply is limited, such as on holidays or during the “benefits binge” near the end of the year, surge pricing may take effect. We will always notify you of the price before you complete your booking, so you can decide whether to proceed or book at a different time.

Yes, we love working with groups. We encourage you to email us at groups@scottm450.sg-host.com to connect with one of our sales reps to discuss the options.

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