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Step 1

You must complete the COVID screening questions before each appointment time (or a cancellation fee may be applied).

Step 2

Information needed by your RMT, who is required to keep patient records. If you’ve done this within the last year, you don’t need to do it again unless your health status has changed.

Step 3

A one-time ask that takes about 5 minutes. Just a few questions about your insurance coverage that we require for direct billing.

Appointment Day

Have a towel, two sheets and a pillowcase ready. Expect your RMT to arrive a few minutes early to sanitize according to COVID protocols.

Answer the door wearing a mask. After your RMT sets up, make yourself comfortable under the top sheet on the massage table while they leave the room to wash their hands.

appointment day

After the appointment

We will submit a claim for the service to your insurance provider based on the information you provided. Any balance owing will be charged automatically to your credit card. You will also be asked if you want to include a tip for your therapist.

after appointment
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