Relax. We’re safety obsessed.

Making sure our clients and therapists are safe has always been our first priority. Our dedication to strict hygiene protocols is a big part of it, helping to eliminate the transmission of pathogens, including COVID-19.

Our procedures meet or exceed the hygiene standards of local and national regulatory bodies for registered massage therapy. Here’s how we’re helping to ensure you and your therapist stay safe (and how you can help too):

What we're doing for our clients

Ontario RMTs are required to successfully complete the Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) Core Competency tests developed by Public Health in the province in which they practice.  

For each treatment session, your therapist is required to keep detailed records of the infection prevention and control practices they followed.

Before and after your treatment, RMTs will thoroughly wash their hands, forearms and elbows with soap and water. They will also have Health Canada-approved hand sanitizer on hand (alcohol-based, with 60%-90% alcohol).

Your therapist will clean all surfaces of the massage table including the face cradle, and use a disposable face cradle cover that is changed between clients.

Therapists are required to use a “wipe twice” method on surfaces (wipe once to clean, wipe again to disinfect) using products approved by Health Canada.

Clients and RMTs are encouraged to communicate masking preferences ahead of an appointment to prepare accordingly.

What we ask you to do

Wash or sanitize your hands prior to treatment. We also recommend that you shower before your treatment.

Do not book a session if you or someone in your household is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

Provide your own linens and pillow case.

Provide a sink and soap for your therapist to wash up prior to your treatment.

masks optional

Masks Optional

While masks will not be required as of June 11th, please respect RMTs who choose to wear one.


Massago’s Vaccination Policy

We are pleased to announce that all Massago RMTs will be double vaccinated with an approved COVID-19 vaccine by September 13th.