Seamlessly submit insurance claims electronically on behalf of your clients in the Massago App.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

For more information on how to register with eClaims Please visit

If you have already registered as an Independent Practitioner, please let us know by emailing  If your TELUS Health eClaims account is linked to another clinic, you must register as an Independent Practitioner. You can also call TELUS Health eClaims directly for assistance at 1-866-240-7492

  1. Your client is required to enter their insurance information in the Massago app.
  2. Booking requests go out to only Massago RMTs who have linked their TELUS Health eClaims account.
  3. Once the appointment has been completed, you review the pre-entered information and submit the eClaim using the Massago app.
  4. You and your client will receive an immediate response from their insurance company. Any remaining fees will be automatically charged to their credit card.
  5. Your client will be prompted to leave feedback and a tip based on their experience.

Not all insurance companies work with TELUS Health eClaims and clients have the option to opt for using the service. We expect this feature to be a popular choice for clients and the result will be an increase in volume.

We’ve made this process easy for RMTs. Your client enters their insurance information prior to your appointment, and you verify and approve upon completion. 

If your client’s insurance submission is not approved for any reason, payment is automatically charged to their credit card immediately after the service has ended, and they can submit manually to their insurance company.

Massago guarantees you will receive payment in full for services rendered regardless of whether your client is using TELUS Health eClaims if you are in good standing with the CMTO or your Governing Massage Association (Alberta). We have built a reputation as being an RMT first company and this new feature has been designed and developed to make eClaims easier than ever before.

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