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rmt therapist photo

How it works

The Client experience

Massago manages all aspects of the client relationship, so you can focus on what you do best.

Using the Massago app on their smart phone, clients can get a massage the same day they decide they need one, and often within a couple of hours. A qualified therapist comes them. So they can simply relax at home or the office.

No money changes hands. Both payment and tip are processed through the app.

At the end of the appointment, the therapist adds their chart notes to the client’s file, which is securely stored online.

The client can easily rebook with their favourite therapist. They can also rate their therapist and leave a review for other users to see.

The therapist experience

Massago offers greater independence, higher pay and a safe experience.

You choose your own hours and manage your schedule right from the app. We do all the marketing to ensure Massago continues to be the app of choice.

You bring the massage table; the client supplies the sheets.

You can feel safe knowing that Massago clients are carefully vetted. If they don’t pass our identity verification process, they can’t book an appointment. Check client reviews your peers have posted, and refuse any appointment you don’t want.

We pay higher than industry standard. Your pay is automatically transferred to your bank account or PayPal account, and you keep 100% of your tips. A strict cancellation policy ensures you still get paid if the client cancels within 4 hours of the appointment.

Podcast Episode 9:

On-demand Mobile Massage

Much like Uber popularized on-demand travel options, companies like Massago have tapped into the realm of on-demand healthcare.

Listen in as we discuss the new markets being served by these businesses, address safety concerns, compensation, and challenging the existing delivery of care models of massage.

Join the Massago Team!

— Be your own boss

— Choose when you work and where you go

— Earn the highest pay rate in the industry

— Feel confident about your safety

Top Frequent Asked Questions

We work exclusively with therapists who are registered and in good standing with their province’s college of massage therapists, or in the case of non-regulated provinces, with the governing massage associations. We also follow a vigorous vetting process for therapists that includes a police background check and confirmation of professional credentials, multiple in-person interviews and a practical exam.

We tilt the split in favour of our therapists.  You will earn between $90-$132 per massage.

In our busiest urban markets like downtown Toronto, where parking and traffic congestion can make it harder for you to get to appointments, we charge premium pricing to make it worth your while. 

From time to time, Massago may send out promotional offers to clients. Massago will cover the full cost of any promotion. You will always receive the full rate.

By the way, if you are registered to collect HST/GST/PST, we will add it to the client’s total on your behalf.  

As a Massago therapist, you are self employed and choose the hours that work best for you. Massago operates from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  

You accept the appointments you want and pass on any you don’t. The app automatically offers the appointment to therapists who are geographically closest to the appointment location. If there is no therapist locally who wants to take the appointment, the app will then notify therapists further away.

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